Illustrations (Digital and Hand-drawn)

*Bilingual, multidisciplinary, artist-freelancer since 2012, MarieJulie has never considered art as a job, but as a way of approaching life and its multiple complexities.

Pencils, brushes, fabrics, and needles are all valid tools for her to express her creativity as well as her opinions.

MarieJulie always tries to bring a textured but flowy elegance to her work.

Diagnosed as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), MJ is highly attuned to details, giving her the ability to learn rapidly any new technique thrown her way.

* In 2012, MarieJulie obtained her DEC in Arts and Letters, plus two visual arts scholarships.

* In January 2022, MarieJulie finished her specialization in Graphic Design.

*Speaks english et français

Part of Leading Edge Magazine, Issue 80 (Story – Market Day)

Published in Éclair Magazine, May 2022

Published on Flash Frog Magazine, April 2022

Published on Flash Frog Magazine, April 2022